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Turn to the wills solicitors Buckley and Shotton residents trust to make sure their wishes are properly recorded and their loved ones protected after they pass away.

A will is a vital legal document, laying out how you would like your estate to be distributed after your death.

Let the friendly and approachable experts who deliver our will writing services help you consider every aspect of your estate and include everything and everyone you want to in your will.

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Why make a will?

If you do not make a will, you die “intestate”. This means the law rather than you dictates where your money, possessions, and property will go.

A will can also cover a wide range of other wishes and important provisions, including vital things like who should care for your children. Many people are unaware that simply naming trusted godparents isn’t legally binding.

In short, not making a will can have all kinds of unforeseen financial and future consequences for the loved ones you leave behind. It also allows you to appoint an executor of your choice who will ensure your wishes are carried out.

What to include in your will

1) Guardians for your children

If you have young children it is particularly important to make a will. Who would look after them after you pass away? Where would they live?

Would your money be properly invested for them? Or could it be claimed by someone else? A will ensures your children will be cared for in the way you want.

2) Provisions for your partner

Your partner is not automatically entitled to any part of your estate if you pass away. Even if you are married, without a will it’s likely that the law not you will decide how your estate is distributed.

Your spouse does not automatically receive everything. But what if the state does not even consider you legally married? What if your affairs are reliant on each other even though you’re not?

3) Protection for your loved ones

Many people overlook the potential for disagreement even between close family members if a loved one passes away and their wishes for their estate aren’t clear.

Use your will to help bring your family together even in their grief instead of divided by argument. You also help them avoid the added stress of administering a confusing estate while also dealing with your loss.

4) Arrangements for your funeral

Set out exactly how you would like to be laid to rest and other details relating to how you would like to be cared for after you pass away.

For example, would you prefer to be cremated or buried? Where would you like your ashes to be spread? What kind of service or words are to be said?

5) Carers for your pets

Make sure your furred and feathered family members go to people you trust to care for them after you pass away.

Why use our will writing services?

  • Get helpful support – we know that writing a will calls for a friendly ear and careful judgement as well as professional legal knowledge.
  • Rely on Law Society accreditation – we were the first practice in North Wales to achieve the sought-after Law Society LEXCEL accreditation for our standards and management systems.
  • Ask for a home or hospital visit – in many circumstances we can come to you so you can discuss your will in a place that makes you comfortable.
  • Request free initial advice – talk to one of our wills solicitors without cost or commitment to find out if we can help you in the way you want.

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To discuss any of our services, please either call us on 01244 917 822 or complete a Free Online Enquiry.

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