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Personal Injury Solicitors Near MePersonal injury solicitors near me – 7 questions to ask yours

One area of the law where you will find plenty of healthy competition is personal injury claims. Potentially, this makes choosing the right expert to represent you difficult. If a quick search for “personal injury solicitors near me” has turned up more results than you know what to do with, here are some questions you can ask to narrow the field:

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How To Choose A Personal Injury Solicitor

1) Do They Come Recommended?

If you or anyone you know has used a personal injury lawyer before and successfully made a claim, that’s a good recommendation in and of itself.

You can also check online reviews, though be aware these don’t always tell the whole story. The majority of people who were happy with the service they received don’t leave a review. On the other hand, one client who thought they were due a payout (but legally weren’t) can bring a score down.

Getting a recommendation from family or friends will often be best.

2) Are They Local?

A local law firm is likely to provide you with a more personal service than a major player with thousands of clients. They can devote more time to your case and arguably have more to gain from following your claim through successfully.

Check to see if the law firm you are considering using to press your personal injury claim is local to you.

3) Are They Accredited By The Law Society?

The Law Society is the professional body that represents lawyers in England and Wales. Seeing any kind of accreditation from them is a solid sign that the solicitor you’re considering can be trusted to work well for you.

There are many other kinds of professional accreditation, but the Law Society is probably the most reputable and reliable one.

4) What Do They Say When You Reach Out?

Research will only get you so far. The next step is to reach out to any personal injury lawyer you are considering using and see how you feel about them.

Your initial reaction and general instinct will go a long way. Though some people deride using this sort of response to judge anything, gut instinct often encompasses a whole host of indications about the people we meet, both good and bad.

Check in with yourself after you reach out to any law firm and consider:

  • Do you get a good feeling about the way they communicate?
  • Do they respond quickly to emails or phone calls?
  • Do they listen carefully to what you tell them?

5) Will They Discuss Your Case And Their Services For Free?

Any solicitor should be willing to talk through your case and explain more about their services and the way they work for free.

To make sure they have something to base their assessment on, you might want to bring any of the following with you to any initial meeting:

  • Any evidence at all about your accident or illness
  • Any medical evidence or reports
  • Any notes about timelines – what happened and when – if your claim relates to long-term activities, such as exposure in the workplace

6) What Are Their Terms Of Service?

This is going to be perhaps the most boring task to complete. Sadly though, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of service of any personal injury solicitor before you decide to use them.

The fees are most important (and we’ll get to that). But you do also need to understand any client agreement document you are sent well before you sign it.

If there are any sections you aren’t clear on, be sure to mark them, ask about them, and not put your name on the dotted line until you are completely satisfied as to the meaning.

7) How Much Are Their Solicitors’ Fees?

It is important to note that, following changes to a key piece of 2012 legislation, you cannot get legal aid to help you with the cost of personal injury claims. Different law firms also have different pricing structures for them.

The most common is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). It’s the technical name for No-Win, No-Fee.

However, the “fee” part of the equation can vary. Always check what percentage of any compensation claim your solicitor will take should you be successful. The maximum is 25%.

Not every personal injury solicitor works on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. Some have fixed-cost payment structures. The most important thing is that they are clear and upfront with you about what you will pay and when.

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