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There are major benefits of having your property registered with the Land Registry. If you think you may need to make a first registration, our solicitors can complete the process for you quickly and easily.

You’ll get a lot out of registration. Firstly, an easier conveyancing process when buying or selling. You’ll also enjoy lower fees if you register before it’s mandatory.

Above all else, you will have the safety and security of knowing proof of your ownership is a matter of record.

This latter makes fraud essentially impossible. It also lets you wave goodbye to worries about those critical paper title deed documents being lost or damaged.

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Here is everything you need to know about how first registration works – and how we can help you take care of it with zero hassle:

What Is First Registration In Property Law?

As of 1990, whenever ownership of an unregistered property or land is transferred in the UK, the process of first registration with the Land Registry is triggered automatically.

Transfer of ownership of a property or land happens when it is bought or sold, when you mortgage it, or when you transfer equity or ownership – perhaps to one of your children – for no consideration. Ownership of a property can also transfer to you as an inheritance in a will.

In all cases, if that property is unregistered, it can leave you open to all kinds of legal issues and make the transfer process much more difficult.

Making a voluntary first registration is almost always a good idea. Luckily, with a little help from us, the process can be simple.

Is My Property Registered With The Land Registry?

It is not always obvious whether your property is registered with the Land Registry. If you’re not sure, we can help you find out.

The process is a simple Land Registry search. This is the same kind we would perform if acting as your conveyancing solicitors when you were buying a home.

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What Are The Benefits Of First Registration With The Land Registry?

The proof of ownership provided by being registered with the Land Registry is very worthwhile.

Trying to buy or sell an unregistered property adds even more time to the already potentially lengthy conveyancing process. Proving that you own a property without registration can also be a challenge.

If you let us complete your first registration though, you will know that:

  1. Your documents are always safe – if your property isn’t registered, only the paper deeds prove you are the owner. These are often relegated to a forgotten drawer somewhere. Registration ensures your proof of ownership is stored centrally.
  2. You pay less now – if the first registration process is triggered automatically, the Land Registry charges you a set fee. If you register first voluntarily, you get a 25% discount.
  3. You avoid possessory title claims – if you do lose your title deeds, proving your ownership of a property can be tough. This can leave you open to competing claims of ownership.

Why Possessory Title Claims Are So Important To Avoid

“Possessory title” is the lowest level of title you can have on a property. If you aren’t registered and you don’t have the title deed documents though, it may be all the Land Registry will award you during a mandatory registration process.

A low-level possessory title is open to claims, legitimate or otherwise, from other people who say that they are really the owner of the property. Plus:

  • Upgrading from a possessory title can take up to 12 years
  • Lenders may not allow you to get a mortgage on a possessory title

Needless to say, this makes registering a property you own sensible even if you don’t believe there can possibly be any other owners.

How Our First Registration Solicitors Help You

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