Probate Estates

Whilst the Will tells us how the Estate is to be distributed, the Executors have to obtain authority from the Probate Service in most cases to carry out the wishes. If the Estate includes a Property, then a Grant will be necessary.

For those who have not left a Will, a Grant of Letters of Administration is required and distribution is controlled by the Intestacy Rules which does not always mean the surviving Spouse receives everything.

If you do not want to accept the position of Executor then an alternative can be arranged. Sometimes beneficiaries have to be traced. Clearing a house, selling antiques and other items, managing a business temporarily, arranging the funeral, dealing with DWP claims, even registering the Death and obtaining the Death Certificate are all matters which we can deal with on your behalf.

Administration is divided into 3 Steps:

  1. Gathering Information.
  2. Completing Probate papers.
  3. Collecting in and Distribution.

Our Fees are based on the number of items in the Estate – not the value of the Estate – and the 3 Steps.

For Fees, click here: Probate Fees

If you carry out Steps 1 and 3 whilst we complete Step 2 (Preparation of Legal Documents) for you the the Fees are reduced.

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