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What is probate? Do I need it?

Probate gives you the legal right to administer the estate of someone who has passed away. Their estate includes their bank accounts and possessions, property, and any investments as well as money they owe or are owed.

A will does tell us how an estate is to be distributed to the beneficiaries. Yet even if you are named as the executor of a will, in most cases you will need to obtain authority from the Probate Service before you can carry out the wishes.

This means you need probate before you can do things like selling the home of a deceased person. If the estate does include property, you will need to apply for a legal document called a Grant of Probate.

For those who have not left a will, a document called a Grant of Letters of Administration is required. Distribution is then controlled by the Intestacy Rules, which do not always mean the surviving spouse receives everything.

Getting your grant of probate

Rely on us to handle almost anything related to getting you the grant of probate you are entitled to as the named executor of a will and administering the estate.

In general, administration of an estate is divided into the steps of gathering information, completing the probate papers, and collecting and distributing assets. On your behalf, our probate solicitors can handle:

  1. Registering the death – and obtaining a death certificate.
  2. Valuing the estate – including clearing a house and selling antiques or other items.
  3. Paying any inheritance tax – as well as dealing with DWP claims.
  4. Filing for probate – all of the paperwork needed to successfully apply for your legal right.
  5. Administering the estate – which may include tracing beneficiaries.

You can even count on us to make funeral arrangements or arrange the best system for managing a business temporarily if that would make the process easier for you.

Why use our probate services?

  • Friendly and approachable – we understand that you may need probate services at a stressful time or when grieving. We always aim to be helpful and supportive.
  • Law Society LEXCEL accredited – we follow approved standards and management systems and have the highly sought-after Law Society accreditation.
  • Free initial advice – not sure whether to proceed? Get free advice and recommendations as to how we can help you with zero commitment.

What are the responsibilities of an executor?

It is the role of an executor to ensure that the wishes contained within a will are carried out. You will be in charge of distributing the estate to the beneficiaries named in the will, paying any debts, and completing all the paperwork and tax payment duties required.

This is a role that comes with a great deal of responsibility attached. If you do not want to accept the position of executor, we can help you arrange an alternative.

How long does probate take?

After your application has been successfully accepted, your Grant of Probate document should arrive within 8 weeks.

This can take longer if you need copies that can be used outside of the UK or if you need to supply additional information.

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To discuss any of our services, please either call us on 01244 917 822 or complete a Free Online Enquiry.