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Wills Solicitors Near MeWills solicitors near me – selecting the most suitable for you

Selecting a legal expert to help you write a will is the safest way to do it. If you haven’t used a solicitor before though, it can be difficult to know which to choose. An online search for “wills solicitors near me” is sure to present many options. So, how do you pick?

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Follow these guidelines and you should be well on your way to selecting the most suitable candidate:

How To Choose Wills Solicitors Near You

1) Check Their Fees

The Law Society – the professional association of solicitors in England and Wales – recommends that solicitors charge the following fees for writing a will:

  • 0.75% of the value of any property in the will
  • 1.5% of the value of other assets
  • Any additional fees on top

These are the base guidelines for fees you can expect. Be sure to work out if those are in line with what you’ve been offered by any solicitor you reach out to.

If you can get a free quote, that’s definitely a good idea. You also want to ensure you understand what extra fees you might be liable for and exactly what these are.

2) Examine Their Qualifications

Checking to make sure your will solicitor is qualified to give you legal advice sounds obvious. Yet it’s something that lots of people fail to check before going choosing a service, only to face problems later.

A good source of reliable accreditation is the previously mentioned Law Society. For instance, EA Harris has Law Society LEXCEL accreditation. This tells you we have approved standards and case management systems.

3) Explore Their Reputation

If you haven’t used a particular wills solicitor before, it can be difficult to know the level of service you can expect. If they’re local, try searching out local opinion. Ask friends and family if they – or anyone they know – has had a positive experience with a firm before.

You should also check for testimonials on the firm’s website – especially if they provide actual details of the persons using their services who you might be able to follow up with.

4) Test Their Approach To Communication

This is often less important with a wills solicitor than it is with other legal services lawyers provide – conveyancing, probate, or family law for example – because you theoretically won’t need their services on an ongoing basis.

For instance, when choosing a conveyancing solicitor, you don’t want to be left having to constantly chase to get an update as to where the process is currently at. A will solicitor should only be needed once or very intermittently. This makes constant, reliable contact less important.

That said, good communication skills and a helpful attitude are important for any legal specialist. They should be clear about what it means for you to set your will up in the way you want. They should do so without legal jargon or condescending to you.

The one time this is likely to become more valuable is when you update your will. This is worth doing whenever you pass a major life event, such as when you:

  1. Get married
  2. Get divorced or separate
  3. Have a child
  4. Buy an expensive asset or property
  5. Get a little older (by which is meant it’s wise to review your will every five years or so)

5) See If They Offer Executor Services (Or Other Support)

There are several roles that it is vital to find people to fill if your will is going to be valid. One of those roles is the executor. You normally need at least two of these (to cover circumstances where one executor predeceases the testator – the person whose will it is).

The job of an executor is to make sure the wishes in your will are carried out. It’s a responsible role and can place a great deal of pressure on a loved one already dealing with grief. For this reason, many people choose to name a solicitor as an executor of their will.

If this is something that might be helpful to you, it is worth enquiring about it at the same time as you’re choosing between wills solicitors near you. On top of getting peace of mind, you might be able to secure a discount – or at least a favourable quote – if you book multiple services simultaneously.

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