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Divorce Solicitors In FlintshireCall in sympathetic divorce solicitors in Flintshire

Let our skilled, supportive, and sympathetic team guide you through separating from a former partner. Our divorce solicitors in Flintshire believe that conciliation is almost always the best policy.

This means we place the priority on trying to avoid court proceedings wherever possible. For one thing, going to court involves handing over decisions as to what is fair or best for you – and potentially your children and future – to a magistrate.

It’s also far more expensive, time-consuming, and stressful for everyone involved.

If you are considering separating from your partner, whether by divorce, civil partnership dissolution, or some other kind of separation, we can advise, guide, and support you every step of the way.

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What Can Our Divorce Solicitors In Flintshire Help You Do?

Divorce can be stressful as well as deeply upsetting. With the right support and advice though, you can at least take some of the confusion and worry out of the legal process. Our team can help you with:

  1. Applying for a divorce – including making any preparations for what to do next and all the legal aspects required by the divorce or dissolution process.
  2. Being the respondent in a divorce – understanding the complex legal phrases and terminology often included in a divorce application you may have been served with.
  3. Making a financial settlement – covering your family home and other property, savings, investments, shared business interests, and more. We help you resolve the separation of even the most complex and involved financial affairs.
  4. Setting up fair child arrangements – recognising that it will always be in the best interests of any children for their parents’ break-up to be perceived as being as amicable as it can be.

Throughout, our aim will normally be to be as non-confrontational as possible. This approach has allowed us to successfully achieve the goals of past clients from all walks of life and in a huge range of personal and relationship situations.

Is Divorce The Right Solution For You?

There are many ways to separate from a partner – including those you may be in a civil partnership or cohabiting with rather than married.

We help you choose the most suitable approach for you and the end result you have in mind. For instance, a separation agreement might be more suited to your needs instead of a divorce. For example if, technically speaking, you are cohabiting rather than married.

No matter your living situation or relationship, we can help you achieve your aims when it comes to separating.

What Type Of Solicitor Do You Need For A Divorce?

Our family law solicitors help your position have more weight even if our aim is almost always to avoid going to court – even for complex and disputed financial agreements in divorce cases.

Having a specialist solicitor like this involved in the procedure ensures that you can make legally binding agreements where necessary. You can also call in expert advice as to how binding (or not) agreements are and how to ensure any agreements or arrangements are followed by all parties.

Can I Get A Dissolution For A Civil Partnership?

After being in a civil partnership for more than a year, we can assist you in dissolving it much like a no-fault divorce. If it hasn’t been a year yet, you may need us to take further action to show why your relationship needs to be dissolved.

In most respects, the dissolution of a civil partnership is like a divorce – at least in terms of things like making financial agreements and child arrangements – and we have equal experience in advising our clients through the dissolution process.

Why We Prioritise An Approach Of Conciliation And Non-Confrontation

Going to court can always be a final step if all else fails. But it is almost always worth trying to resolve any separation amicably if at all possible.

Some of the proven non-confrontational approaches we have used to achieve our clients’ goals have included:

  1. Negotiating with your former partner – whether in writing or in person in a non-confrontational manner can be the most cost-effective way to get what you want from a separation. It might not always be possible. But it is often worth considering.
  2. Mediation – can be a highly effective tool to achieve an amicable solution that both sides might not be completely happy about, but can live with. Crucially, mediation avoids the acrimony and poor feeling that can affect any children involved.

We have based our fee structure on settlement instead of litigation precisely because it can provide the best outcomes for all parties involved in the vast majority of cases.

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