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Solicitors In Buckley FlintshireGet solicitors in Buckley, Flintshire for every legal need

With over 100 years of experience serving local communities behind us, we’ve slowly expanded the services we provide. Today, our solicitors in Buckley, Flintshire can handle all of the most common legal needs of local people.

You might be moving house. You may be having problems with your landlord or a tenant. You may need to write a will or apply for probate. Perhaps you need to negotiate with a former partner or set up child arrangements that are fair and sensible for everyone involved.

In every case, we’ve adapted our services to meet the needs of local people based on decades of serving them. What kind of legal services do you need today?

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Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing is the act of passing the title deed of a property from the current owner to a new one. There are a number of set steps. The most well-known are exchange of contracts and completion, but there are also vital surveys and property checks, contracts to create, and money to transfer.

Thanks to our long history in the local area, we are intimately familiar with the property market in Flintshire and know all of the key concerns, authorities, and background.

Our long history of working with local people also makes us aware of the popular attitude towards conveyancing as a whole. Namely, that the process is often opaque and slow.

Conveyancing is certainly a notoriously lengthy process. Though the average conveyancing time in Wales is around eight or twelve weeks, it’s not uncommon for long chains of sales to take six months or more to come through.

That’s why we take such stringent measures to keep you updated. Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, a property you want to buy-to-let, a freehold or leasehold, or even a commercial property for your business, we advise and support you and stay in touch every step of the way.

Property Law

The needs of local people mean the expertise of our team goes beyond the confines of pure conveyancing into wider property law.

Some of the most common cases we handle here are landlord and tenant disputes. We always prioritise a conflict-free resolution wherever possible, but have created repossession orders and eviction proceedings where necessary and helped tenants with building disrepair claims too.

You can also count on our expertise in other property matters, such as where a failure to abide by tenancy agreements has resulted in a breach of contract or in building disputes with contractors.

Family Law Solicitors

Let us help you strive for an amicable outcome no matter how challenging the family situation you find yourself facing. We have a great deal of experience helping people make or alter existing child contact arrangements, separate from partners, and get the result they are looking for.

No matter what your goals or concerns are, having an expert lawyer represent you can make things progress more smoothly and easily, giving more emphasis and credibility to your arguments.

We always aim to avoid court appearances whenever possible. Not only does going to court mean handing responsibility for decisions over to a magistrate, but it’s also far more expensive than our preferred negotiating out of court.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

It’s a common mistake to expect that your partner or close family will be able to decide on key decisions relating to your care or basic financial concerns like paying the rent should anything happen to you.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how the law works. The only way to ensure that the ability to make decisions is given to the person or people you trust to act on your behalf is a legal document called a Lasting Power of Attorney.

There are two different types of these – one for health and care decisions and one for financial decisions. We have extensive experience creating both. Many local people have these written up at the same time as their will and for much the same reason – sensible planning for the future.

Wills And Probate Solicitors

A key part of future planning is having a legal and valid will drawn up by a specialist will solicitor. This will make sure your wishes are followed when you can’t be there.

Equally, when you are named as the executor of a will (or in circumstances where there is no will), we can help you successfully apply for probate – an often lengthy and stressful process that you can suffer from financially if mistakes are made.

Join the other local people who we have helped make their wishes plain in ironclad wills or for whom we have simplified and smoothed out the probate process.

Personal Injury Claims

Adapting many years ago to meet the needs of local people in need of representation in personal injury claims means we have a long-running, secure scheme in place.

With our scheme, you do not need to pay unless you get compensation. This is often called a “no win, no fee” system. There are zero additional fees or charges and you can also get expert advice as to how to protect yourself from having to pay the winner’s legal fees.

In short, it’s a safe way to pursue personal injury claims very much in the interest of local people.

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