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Wills And Probate SolicitorsRely on wills and probate solicitors who support you throughout

Even if you are named as an executor in a will, you still need to apply for probate. This isn’t always easy. The probate process is complicated too – the last thing you need when also grieving the passing of a loved one. That’s where our supportive wills and probate solicitors come in.

It’s the job of a solicitor who specialises in wills and probate to make the process easier for you and to give you peace of mind.

Because, as an executor, you are sometimes personally liable for mistakes made during probate. This means you might have to pay a financial penalty or costs later if any errors are made.

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The wills and probate specialists at E A Harris have been making sure this doesn’t happen to our clients for over a century. Here’s what we do:

Let Us Help You Write A Will In The First Place

The most powerful protection you can give your loved ones is a cast-iron will that makes sure your wishes are carried out when you are no longer able to make sure they are.

Of course, we all hope that this is a day very far in the future. We also understand it can be a difficult subject to talk about.

Our friendly and supportive will solicitors know how to make the process stress-free and approachable, leaving you – or one of your nearest and dearest – with a will that is valid and easy to enforce.

What Does A Wills And Probate Solicitor Do For You?

On top of creating the document itself, our wills and probate solicitors will guide you through the often complex and stressful process of applying for probate.

Probate is the legal right to handle someone’s estate after they pass away. You need this right in order to sell any property they may own, pay the correct tax, and distribute the legacies to the right beneficiaries.

You can rely on one of our probate specialists to help you:

1) Apply For Probate

Even if you are named as an executor of a will, you still usually need to apply to get the legal document called a Grant of Probate.

There are also some circumstances where you might not need to apply. This might be if the deceased did not leave a will (in which case, you may need what is called a Grant of Letters of Administration) or if their estate was very small (perhaps valued at less than £15 000).

In every case, your solicitor will guide you through the process, explaining how and why you should proceed in this way.

2) Value The Estate

The estate of a person who has died needs to be valued accurately. If the valuation is later found to be inaccurate, as the executor you can be found personally liable.

This makes a legal expert’s assistance invaluable. Our probate solicitors ensure that you have fulfilled all of your legal obligations when it comes to valuing the size of the estate in question.

3) Know The Correct Inheritance Tax To Pay

Inheritance Tax (sometimes abbreviated as IHT) is payable on estates over a certain size. This has to be done correctly – in line with all the relevant laws and based on the correct valuation of the estate.

Our solicitors make sure this is done right. You can rest easy knowing there won’t be any problems further down the line.

4) Collect Assets And Handle Debts

The assets that make up a person’s estate – any money in their bank accounts, investments, stocks and shares, property they own, significant possessions like a car or business – all need to be assessed as part of the valuation and IHT calculations.

For some people, this is fairly straightforward. For others, it requires extensive searches for records of investments that may never have even been mentioned to other family members.

There is a negative side too. Any potential creditors need to be notified that the person who has passed away has an estate that may pay them any money they are owed. There is a set process for doing this that needs to be followed to meet your duties as executor.

One of our solicitors will handle all of these aspects of the probate process for you, meaning you can be confident everything is being taken care of properly.

5) Distribute The Legacies Correctly

The final administration of the estate will include distributing the assets of the estate in line with the wishes in the will.

In the event there is any source of confusion or the will is being contested, you can again rely on our solicitors to support and guide you throughout.

The Wills And Probate Solicitors Near Me

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